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Why choose Frontroll LED displays?

Why choose for Frontroll LED Displays:

  • We sell high quality LED screens.
  • Innovative product; it will upgrade your store / building
  • The LED displays can have a very fast return on investment if paid advertisement is one of the options. If it is not possilbe to have paid advertisement, LED displays will increase the turnover anyway.  LED screens will gain more attraction to the store, more traffice, leads into more sales. For example we did the LED screens for a shoe shop; the turnover increased with at least 30% in the first 6 months!
  • We have a very easy and sophisticated online CMS system; Frontroll. See more info about this CMS system on our website.

FrontRoll LED Displays


More and more LED displays will enter into the (retail) world. We supply all kinds of LED displays for indoor and outdoor solutions, including our Frontroll Online CMS System to controll the LED displays remotely via internet.IndoorLED

Cloud Based

cloud based

Access to our CMS can be done from any remote location through the internet as it is completely cloud based. Upload your creative content to the designer environment and add live data such as streaming video, HTML5, RSS / XML, YouTube and more.

FrontRoll CMS Software System

Public Signage Displays and other devices are controlled by personal computers, servers and cloud environments that have a specialized computer program for this application, this is called a Content Management System (CMS). Our FrontRoll CMS is a web based cloud platform that allows you to publish, schedule, edit & modify content and manage your connected displays, tablets, mobile phones and other devices based on Android™ from any remote location through the internet.

The content being used can variate from text and embedded graphics, photo's, video's, youtubes, info feedlines, audio, code (e.g. for applications) and even partial or complete websites. We offer a complete solution for digital signage with our FrontRoll software products for every type of application, whether it is informing, promoting or entertaining your audience in your business environment.

With FrontRoll you are able to deliver your marketing strategy and in-store brand experience at every location targeting specific audiences through geographic location, demographic and even different day segments.

Optimizing your business potential by attracting & informing your customers in a complete new way that can easily be adapted to suit your needs.

Instant Remote Scheduling

ipad laptop mobile FRIt doesn't matter where you are or what device you utilize to connect to the internet, all the functionality of our platform is easily accessible to deploy and schedule content and layouts to your connected devices and have full control over your network.

External Communication - Interactivity

cloud basedWith our system it is possible to communicate with external hardware and read quick response (QR) codes, bar codes and near field communications (NFC) tags. We have support for printers and are able to assist with printing queue management tickets, receipts and promotional material like vouchers and coupons. “Take-over-and-Play controll” LED screen by QR-code or NFC possibilities. => Customers can Gaming / Scrolling a website with your mobile on your LED Screen Create a full interactive customer experience with solutions to engage with your audience at a whole new level. Whether it is informing by providing relevant information or entertaining with video and audio. You can provide it without any effort. You can integrate Twitter / Facebook / RSS feeds to give up to date information.

Plan & Design Layouts

plan designs layoutThe display can be divided into different regions, each assigned with his own media playlist to deliver different messages in a single display setup or multi-screen setup e.g. video walls delivering you with flexibility and scalability of your content.
You can add for instance:
  • Slideshows & Videos
  • Text as static or as feedline
  • Info online feedline - rss (ticker)
  • Youtube video
  • QR code
  • Webmodules: integration of all kinds of web solutions (f.i. an online clock)
  • Website
  • PDF files
  • Powerpoint as JPG
  • Touch buttons (for touchscreen solutions)
  • FaceCount (optional)
The possibilities are endless.

Delivering Your Media

delivering your mediaStart interacting with your audience in an engaging & attracting way that improves brand recognition, product experience and customer service leaving an unmatched impression that repeats business. This can be achieved by delivering your media or even have a customer interact with a product to deliver the media directly to a display.

User level access

userlevelAccess to the CMS system is secured by login. Multiple users can login into the same CMS and can be added to the system, easily. Permissions can be given to each user. System functions, Layouts, Displays in CMS can be hidden / secured and not be accessed within the kind of user level. To give users permissions, you can manage it by function / region / display etcetra.

Scheduling & Timelines

schedulingContent & Layouts can be scheduled to run at specific times over a period or even different segments of the day, week or month. This way you are able to run specific promotion and even target your audience based on peak times or a full campaign based on the season.